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Father Ryan Koster, 2020

PARISH NEWS - CORONAVIRUS - From Father Koster May 2, 2020
Public masses resume Monday, May 4, with daily mass at 8:15am (traditional Latin mass) and the normal daily schedule through Saturday. The weekend mass schedule resumes with confessions 30 minutes prior to each mass. Families are asked to social distance from those they did not travel to mass with. The obligation to attend mass is still suspended for those who are at risk or who do not feel safe attending mass. Please use your own judgment in this regard. After May 3, daily masses will not be live streamed. We will also not live stream weekend Masses at this time, but we will continue to review the situation. We will not use the hymnals or the cushions in order to allow for a cleaner environment. See Father's complete video here... 

LETTER TO THE PARISH - CORONAVIRUS - From Father Koster April 19, 2020
I apologize that it's been a few weeks since I've written a direct letter to you. With the increase of live stream masses, it's given me the opportunity to speak directly to you through those homilies rather than through a letter. Added to that, there has not been any change in the status of things to report to you. I write to you today filled with hope as the light begins to grow at the end of the tunnel. The Diocese has extended its public mass ban until May 15 for the greater KC area, but for the rural communities, such as ours, it is tied in with the governor's decision to extend until May 3. Read more here >>> 

LETTER TO THE PARISH - CORONAVIRUS - From Father Koster March 23, 2020
It is with a heavy heart and tremendous sadness that I convey to you that the Diocese has extended its restriction on public masses until April 24th, unless retracted sooner. This would obviously include the most solemn celebration of the Easter Triduum and Easter Sunday. To my knowledge, in the entire history of the Church, the faithful have never been barred by the Church herself from the celebration of these most sacred days. My soul is truly in pain as I cannot fathom this unprecedented decision. I understand the fear, confusion, and desperate attempts to stave off this epidemic; and, therefore, I can only pray that this is the right decision. Read more here >>> 

LETTER TO THE PARISH - CORONAVIRUS - From Father Koster March 21, 2020
I know that the intensity of the current situation continues to escalate and that uncertainty is rampant. During times of chaos, it is the stability that only our Lord can offer us that calms the storm of our hearts. We continue to offer an hour of adoration and confessions in the church daily, urging all who come to practice social distancing of at least six feet, preferably more. This weekend (3/21-22), we will be having adoration and confessions from 5-6PM on Saturday with Benediction at 6PM and from 12-1PM on Sunday with Benediction at 1PM. We will have a basket in the main aisle as a place for you to deposit your weekly offering, without which we cannot continue to function. If you cannot or would rather not come to the church while others are present, I ask that you please either place your offering in the mailbox in front of the rectory or sign up for online giving by following the online donation link. Read more here >>> 

LETTER TO THE PARISH - CORONAVIRUS - From Father Koster March 16, 2020
As you may have already heard, Bishop Johnston has suspended all public Masses in the diocese through at least Friday, April 3. This includes both weekday and Sunday Masses. All parish activities and meetings are also cancelled including Friday Stations of the Cross and our Tuesday night Soup Dinner and Scripture Study. Bishop Hogan Memorial School classes and activities are also cancelled through Monday, April 6. CCD and Confirmation classes will not be held during this time period. I will continue to offer daily mass for the intentions that have been scheduled. If there is no intention for the day, I will offer the mass for the People of St. Columban Parish during this difficult time. The main doors of the church will be open daily from noon-6pm for personal prayer. I would ask that when others are in the church with you, you practice social distancing of at least six feet from other people. Read more here >>> 

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