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December 30, 2018 - We have accomplished a great thing in the restoration of our parish. I can't tell you how many people have commented to me at how remarkable it is. Conrad Schmitt Studios and KC Scaffolding have been paid in full! Thank you to everyone who honored their pledges. Any future funds raised will go toward the maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful church.

Online donations may still be made by clicking on the link below. You may also visit our Campaign Store to purchase some special items which proceeds go toward our maintenance fund.

You may click on the photos to see a closer view.

Photo taken July 13, 2017

On July 16, 2017, we said our farewells to Mike who is the last of the studio artists to depart. Mike was one of two artists who painted the sample on the wall behind the side altar of St. Joseph over a year ago when our project was just beginning to unfold. That makes him the artist who has been on site the longest of anyone. Our thanks to him for all he has done to make our church beautiful!

You may click on the photo to see a closer view.

January 21, 2018 - Here is some additional news regarding one of the final pieces of our restoration. The old Communion rail sections which were present in front of the side altars prior to our work beginning are in the final stages of being restored and decorated. Local craftsmen have been working to extend the length of the rail and stain\gild it. When completed, it will again be quite beautiful. Our intention, once the rail work is completed, is to return the rail back to a place of use in the church.

Click on the photos to see a closer view.

The photos below are glimpses of the new murals as seen through the scaffolding. The Ascension of Jesus and the Assumption of Mary are painted on canvas. These full-size murals will adorn either side of the high altar in the sanctuary. They were affixed to the walls this week (June 19-23, 2017). Cleaning and restoration of the Martha and Mary mural was also started this week.

Wonder what the process was to paint our new murals of Jesus and Mary?
Watch this time lapse video to see Stoyko at work.

Marbelizing Update 06/18/17
A sneak peak at the marbleized pillars which
were completely painted and "veined" by hand.

Marbelizing 05/ 17/ 17
John has begun "marblizing" the columns of the church. This intricate process is done by hand.
Photos Below: 05/11/2017

The ceiling above the sanctuary. You can see the spires of the high altar covered in the background.

The ceiling above the nave
(ie main body) of the church.

Notice the pencil lines and grids.
The artists use these to accurately paint by.
They will be later removed or covered over.

We have such great students at Bishop Hogan. Here's just one example:
3rd grade students from Bishop Hogan made cards and brought treats to the studio workers.
The workers hung the cards on the scaffold in the church.
One of the workers said in his 27-year-long career that this is the first time parish school kids have given him something like that on a work site.

Photo at left above taken 05/05/2017.
Work has progressed to the point that artists have begun a preliminary testing of the paint and stencil.
These represent the first stage of the painting process. (N.B. the colors in the photos vary a little from what they look like in person.)

These two photos 04/17/17.
View Father Kneib's video here...
The view in the video is from the top level of the scaffold which lets
you see the progress the artists have made on the fiberglass process on the ceiling.

Our scaffolding is complete. View our first video here...

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Gym Church During Remodeling 2017
Photo by Kathy Haney Carlton

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