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Bulletin 08/21/2022 - We will not have any formal CCD classes this year. If you would like help in finding materials to educate your child at home, please contact the parish office. If your child does not attend Bishop Hogan but will be eligible for First Confession/First Communion this year, please contact the parish office. Fr. Koster will teach those classes beginning in January 2023.


Genevieve Alford, Grady Allen, Quincy Baxter, Claire Clark, Aiden Cole, Jack Cooper, Emmalyn Daley, Wyatt Dysart, Connor Finley, Addison Kroeten, Elyse Mattingly, Cohen Potts, Maxwell Price, Graham Randolph, Joanna Sherer, Adelyn Walter, Elena Walter, Olivia Walter

First Communion 05/07/2023
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Gage Brobst, Rayne Feeney, Bayless Finley, Blaise Garrison, Harrison Goad, Hattie Hays, Scarlett Lindley, Hudson Marcolla, Brecken Pope, Jack Schreiner, Vivian Vandemore, Alexandra Warren, Gabriel Widner

First Communion May 1, 2022

First Communion May 1, 2022 (Photo: BK Web Works)

The following made their First Communion May 2, 2021, at the 10:00 am Mass: Annabelle Beetsma, Cason Bonderer, Ava Clark, Mayleigh Crawford, Gentry Gabrielson, Eva Heldenbrand, Shay Johnson, Evie Kieffer, Lucas Lauhoff, Tinley Lauhoff, Audrey Marshall, Emma Rupp, Hunter Samm, Kannon Still.

First Communion May 2, 2021

Twelve (12) people of all ages received Sacraments at this year's Easter Vigil, April 16, 2022. We are blessed to have a large group of new parishioners who have received sacramental graces from God.

  • Baptism - Ellaina Jo Miller and Maverick Cranmer were Baptized. Ellaina is the 6-year-old daughter of Jacky and Joanna Miller. Maverick is the 3 year old son of Ryan and Courtnie Cranmer.
  • Baptism and Confirmation - Max Cranmer, Rowdy Miller, and Jacky Miller were Baptized and Confirmed. Max Cranmer is the son of Ryan and Courtnie Cranmer. Rowdy Miller is the son of Jacky and Joanna Miller. Jacky Miller is the husband of Joanna and father of Ellaina and Rowdy.
  • Marriage - Jacky and Joanna Miller's Marriage was Con-Validated.
  • Profession of Faith and Confirmation - The following people have already been baptized in other Christian faiths, so they made a Profession of Faith in the Catholic Church and received the Sacrament of Confirmation: Betsey Garcia, Stephen Garcia, Sean Sensenich, Megan Sensenich, Elijah Sensenich
  • Confirmation - The following had already been Baptized in the Catholic Church but desired to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation: Joanna (Grohs) Miller, Theresa Jodi (Dinwiddie) Kent

WELCOME TO THESE NEW MEMBERS OF OUR PARISH (Bulletin 04/11/2021) - They were either baptized or made a Profession of Faith and received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Easter Vigil. Baptism: Jacob Constant, Jaydin Kohl, Crystal Lauhoff, Grayson Samm; Profession of Faith: Clint Campbell, Amy Dickerson, Brian Garr, Julie McCoy; All also received the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Confirmation: Courtnie Cranmer and Logan Potts

First Communion preparation for 2020 began Sunday, January 12, 2020. 2020. On Sunday, May 31, 2020, these students celebrated. Let us joyfully come together to celebrate this wonderful Sacrament of God's love with these children who are receiving 
Christ's own Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity for the first time. Let us rejoice in the gift the Father has given us.

Ethan Anderson, Rilynn Bonderer, Charlotte Brobst, Sam Brobst, Millie Hays, Hayden Judy, Quincie Martens, Isaac Moore, Jackie Pope, Hutson Stedem, Kale Walker

CONGRATULATIONS (Bulletin 06/07/2020) - These two men received the sacraments Saturday, May 30, during the 5:00 Mass. We welcome them into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. May God continue to bless them. Theodore (Ted) Hicks, husband of Teresa Bonderer Hicks, received his conditional Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion. Matthew (Matt) Shaffer, fiance of Grace Wheeler, made his Profession of Faith, Confirmation and First Communion.

Congratulations to Simon Pfaff on his first communion received at the 5pm mass on July 6, 2019!

FIRST CONFESSION AND COMMUNION 2019 - Sunday, May 5, 2019, 10:00 am Mass - Burke Beetsma, Gunner Brobst, Elizabeth Buttman, Annabelle Constant, Mallory Crawford, Lark Diegelman, Halle Gabrielson, Finley Hansen, Cole Huwar, Riggin Isaacs, Isabel Nagel, Evan Randolph, Maryjane Renfro, Denise Sanchez, Mason Walter, Adam AJ Warren

1st COMMUNION 05/05/2019
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FIRST CONFESSION AND FIRST COMMUNION 2018 - Our Parish celebrated First Communion last Sunday, April 22 at the 10:00 am Mass. We thank Father Kneib, Brenda O'Halloran, Rochelle Koehly, Pam Brobst and the parents for preparing them to receive this Sacrament. The following boys and girls received Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. Elizabeth Bonderer, Emerson Brobst, Kellyn Dudley, Jesse Hughes, Cadence Judy, Bentley Lauhoff, Farrah Lauhoff, Jameson Marshall, Emma Peery, Colton Pfeifer, Nicholas Radcliff, Ella Ripley, Colton Widmer, Jacinta Whitson

Congratulations to the following children who made their First Holy Communion at the 10:00 Mass on May 7, 2017 - Dawson Baxter, Elijah Constant, Carven Crawford, Patrick Kinsella, Alexis Kroeten, Henry Link, Sarah Lodder, Abigail Marshall, Isaac Minnis, Adriana Moore, Corbin Potts, Morgan Rupp, Andrew Schreiner, Cash Van Horn, Kierra Williams.

These children received the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for the first time at the 10:00 Mass on April 17, 2016.

Glenna Barnett, Gracelynn Barnett, Lila Beetsma, Sadie Bonderer, Hayden Chapman, Litton Gabrielson, Beau Graves, Hayden Hansen, James Hughes, Jack Marshall, Connor Peery, Oliver Perry, Hannah Pfeiffer, Kaelyn Potts, Keeley Shira, Christian Still, Kateri Whitson

A special thank you to those that helped the children prepare to receive this Sacrament, Father Kneib, Toby Minnis and Rochelle Koehly.


Gwen Gatson - Profession of Faith; conditionally Baptized; received First Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation ( December 23, 2015)


Ace Emerson Diegelman
Zane Dudley
Addison Nicole Englert
Cain David Evans
Andrew David Hecker
Remington James Isaacs
Maria Rose Lodder
Lyla Catherine Oesch
Anna Lee Pfaff
Lily Grace Ripley
Alikai Jolene Ritchie
Hagen Stedem
Charlie Sufia Van Horn
Willis Cameron Williams

The above children of our parish are making their First Holy Communion at the 10:00 Mass. We congratulate them, and we are so happy that they will now be receiving the graces that come with receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist.


The following children made their First Communion Sunday, May 4, 2014, at the 10:00am Mass.

  • Avery Lynn Baxter
  • Carver Chase Crawford
  • Zane Alexander Daley
  • Matthew Gabriel Hobbs
  • Kennady Alyse Frizzell
  • Isabella Grace Garr
  • Alijah Lloyd Hibner
  • Delanie Kay Kieffer
  • James Paul Mathew
  • Carson James Samm
  • Brian Sanchez
  • Jonathan Sanchez
  • Jorge Sanchez-Gomez
  • Emily May Schriener
  • Chase Ryan Strub
  • Thomas Jack Strub
  • Caeli Marie Whitson

Congratulations to the following people who became full members of the Catholic Church during the Easter vigil 2013.

  • Heather Chapman
  • Sara Frampton
  • Kevin Goad
  • Trish Hawkins
  • Mike Still

CONGRATULATIONS to Amber Frampton who completed her sacraments of initiation by receiving Holy Communion and Confirmation (Fall, 2014).

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